NGO Consultancy in Delhi

If you are looking for special guidance for running for NGO Consultancy In Delhi then All Skills Development is the best place for you to get the required information for your NGO.

Here we offer the NGO Consultancy to our clients with our well-experienced experts who are working in the realm of intergovernmental organizations more than the last 7 years.

It is very important to know about the management of the NGO and the required papers along with the tools to increase the eligibility so that you can take part in any government or cooperate and any foreign project.

What is NGO consultancy?

Well, NGO consultancy is the team of the extremely dedicated and the well-experienced delivering global facilities in the consultancy and the support of NGOs.

NGO consultancy organization has the main purpose to work as a support team to create a wide network amongst the NGOs working in the various parts of the country and the funding agencies for the legal, social, and the grant resources.

The NGO consultancy has consisted of the NGO registration; support for NGO funding, support in the NGO grant, management of NGOs, and the project implementation work, and so on.

We are the best NGO consultancy in Delhi

Are you looking for the best NGO consultancy near Delhi, and then we are here the best NGO consultancy in Delhi. For the development purpose the government of India along with the foreign financing firms, they both have made a vast stock of fund for the welfare of the society.

The enhancement in the amount is only to keep the motive of the development in the unprivileged part of the country. But after putting all the efforts, there are many of the NGOs which are not capable to take advantage of the chances that are available for them to raise the fund. Moreover, we have many different branches of NGO consultancy in India.

The main purpose of our NGO Consultancy is to provide the expert solution and work as an incentive to obtain the grant-aid from several resources. It is very helpful to deal with the partners, donors, and stakeholders along with the beneficiaries, and so on.

Our organization is well known and works as a link between the several organizations of the NGO in the different parts of the country and the contributor firms.

Our major aim is to assist the voluntary companies in the realm of the task recognization, sustainability, fundraising, design, and implementation. Our main purpose in running the NGO consultancy is to focus on the executive program rather than the focus on the fund. We are the team of dedicated and well-experienced and well-qualified in providing the global services in the NGO consultancy at your door.

We are the best and a leading company of consultancy in India and provide services to the many of the other NGOs and the cooperate sectors along with this we believe in providing the technical service to increase the abilities to keep the accurate paperwork, accreditation, information technology (IT), accountancy, tacking of assessment along with the task of planning and application and others.  

All Skills Development Offering NGO consultancy services in Delhi

The services that we provide as NGO consultancy in Delhi make us the well-known in the realm of NGO consultancy.

We are one of the dedicated NGO consultancies to assist and work as a link between the social workers, volunteers, social groups, NGOs, support agencies, supporters, support agencies, and the social activists.

Our Aim

Our main aim is to offer the NGO consultancy, expert, and technical support to the big organizations, a team of individuals, business sectors, and the written to the companies. And also provide the services in the field of the multiservice such as publication, management of the monetary, to keep the books, coverage of insurance, financial investment, raising the fund, registration, certification, documentation, making the web and the IT solutions, tracking, and evaluation, clinical consultancy, legal consultancy, management of eth administrative, program and project development, policy management, execution and planning regarding the consultancy.

Offering the best services for Every Industry

We also provide the offers to the government and the non-governmental agencies, cooperate residences in the country or in abroad to support their capabilities to perform better in their respective realm by offering several courses, pieces of training, and the capacity structure functions and so on.

Handle the entire Major as well as Minor Tasks

We also handle and offer the consultancy to all types of approvals, licenses, ministers, acknowledgments, allowance, associations, accreditations, belong to the several ministries, councils, companies, governments, semi-government, non-governmental bodies, councils, and boards. 

Moreover, we believe in providing the consultancy and the inputs of experts so that we can help to manage, run, support, carry out, take-up, start along with this, assist the several assignments for eth different several departments, agencies, the association of the individuals of the NGOs, community, non-governmental trusts and the companies of government, and more.

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